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Upcoming Events


4th-5th May 2020 – Workshop on Social Media and Public Pedagogy

St Andrews

17th-19th April 2020 – Conference on General Philosophy: “3rd Annual CEPPA Graduate Conference

29th-30th April 2020 – Workshop on History of Philosophy: “Theories of Paradox in the Middle Ages


7th-8th May 2020 – Seminar on History of Philosophy: “Scottish Seminary in Early Modern Philosophy XI

18th-19th June 2020 – Seminar on Moral Philosophy: “Kant and Epistemic Norms” (Details forthcoming)


22nd-24th June 2020 – Conference on Epistemology: “European Epistemology Network Conference 2020

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Recent Events at St. Andrews

18th-19th April 2019 – Conference on Eleatics: “New trends in the Study of Eleatism

15th-16th June 2019 – Conference on Epistemology: “Epistemic Breakthroughs

13th-14th September 2019 – Conference on Moral Philosophy: “The Early Critique of Kant’s Moral Philosophy

11th-12th October 2019 – Conference on Ancient Philosophy: “The Soul In Ancient Philosophy

2nd November 2019 – Conference on Philosophy of Education: “Philosophy in Schools

3rd December 2019 – Symposium on Moral Philosophy: “Kant’s ‘Supposed Right to Lie”