Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy IV

2nd – 3rd May 2013

Aberdeen, Sir Duncan Rice Library


  • Leo Catana (University of Copenhagen), “Ficino on the philosopher persona and its demise in 18th-century philosophy”
  • James Harris (University of St. Andrews), “Late Hume: Between Liberty and Authority”
  • Alissa MacMilllan (Institute for Advanced Study, Toulouse), “A Linguistic Key to Hobbes on Religion”
  • Raffaela Santi (University of Urbino), “Geometry and Politics in the philosophical System of Hobbes”
  • Stewart Duncan (University of Florida), “Toland and Locke in the Leibniz-Burnett Correspondence”
  • Matthew Kisner (University of South Carolina), “Spinoza on the Basis of Reason’s Dictates: Not so Common Notions”
  • Martin Lin (Rutgers University), “Spinoza’s Starting Points”
  • Sandrine Roux (University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne), “Another Way of Giving Sense to the Idea that we are not in our Bodies like a Pilot in a Ship: Descartes’ Conception of Voluntary Movements”
  • Anton Matytsin (University of Pennsylvania), “Anti-Skeptical Epistemology: The Challenge of Pyrrhonism and the Rise of Probability”
  • Paul Lodge (Oxford University), “The Nature and Role of the Critique of Dogmatism in the Thought of Joseph Glanvil”
  • Lisa Ievers (Auburn University), “Hume and Berkeley on the Nature of Philosophical Errors”
  • Emily Kelahan (Illinois Wesleyan University), “Hume’s Former opinions”

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