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Philosophy events, week of 9th March

Research seminars next week (more information):

  • Jim Sterba (University of Notre Dame), “Bringing the Pauline Principle to Bear on the Problem of Evil,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy of the Natural and Human Sciences on Monday, 9th March.
  • Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (University of Aarhus) at Glasgow’s Senior Seminar on Tuesday, 10th March.
  • Becko Copenhaver (Lewis and Clark College), “Thomas Reid on Aesthetic, Moral and Pathological Perception,” at St Andrews’ Philosophy Club on Wednesday, 11th March.
  • Matthew Parrott (University of Cambridge), “Delusions as Explanations,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Reading Group on Wednesday, 11th March.
  • Johanna Wolff (University of Hong Kong) at Aberdeen’s Philosophy Colloquium on Wednesday, 11th March.
  • Alix Cohen (University of Edinburgh), “Kant on the Aesthetic Dimension of Cognition,” at Stirling’s Visiting Speaker Seminar on Thursday, 12th March.
  • Johanna Wolff (University of Hong Kong), “The metaphysical status of quantities,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates on Thursday, 12th March.
  • Paul Fletcher (University of Cambridge), “Perception, Belief, and Psychosis,” at Edinburgh’s PPLS Interdisciplinary Seminar on Thursday, 12th March.
  • Elisabeth Schellekens (University of Uppsala/University of Durham), “On Sensible and Intelligible Beauty,” at Edinburgh’s Scottish Aesthetics Forum on Thursday, 12th March.

Other events next week (more information):

  • Simon Prosser (University of St Andrews) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society on Monday, 9th March.
  • Ignorance and Underrepresentation (Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Spring Workshop), Edinburgh, 10th March.  Speakers: Janet Kourany (University of Notre Dame), Elinor Mason (University of Edinburgh), Pablo Schyfter (University of Edinburgh), Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff University).
  • Peter Poellner (University of Warwick) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society on Thursday, 12th March.
  • Foundations of Normativity, Edinburgh, 13th – 14th March.  Speakers: Leslie Green (University of Oxford), Richard Holton (University of Cambridge), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Connie Rosati (University of Arizona), Holly Smith (Rutgers University), Crispin Wright (New York University/University of Aberdeen), Fatema Amijee (University of Texas, Austin), Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki University).