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SPA Annual Meeting: early registration closes today

A reminder that early registration (£15; free for students) closes today for the Scots Philosophical Association’s annual meeting, being held this year in Aberdeen, 7th – 8th December.  For registration information:

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Visiting speakers, 5th – 9th November

Next week’s visiting speakers:

  • Michael Sollberger (Lausanne/Oxford), “Causation in Perception: A Challenge to Naïve Realism,” at Glasgow on Tuesday, 6th November.
  • Jennifer Corns (Glasgow), “Are painful emotional episodes pains?,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, & Informatics Group on Wednesday, 7th November.
  • Ben Sachs (St Andrews), “Distribution doesn’t Matter Morally,” at Stirling on Thursday, 8th November.
  • Suilin Lavellle (Edinburgh) at Edinburgh on Friday, 9th November.

Other events next week: