Workshop on the Ethics of War

Just World Institute: Workshop on the Ethics of War

Edinburgh, United Kingdom | 2.05 Ogilvie Room, Geography, Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP

Thursday, 2 July 2015 from 08:45 to 18:30

This workshop will address some of the most pressing questions concerning the ethics of war including when is war justified, who has the authority to wage war, what constitutes permissible conduct in war and who should bear the costs.  The event is free and open to all.

Places are limited so please register here.  If you have any questions please contact the organiser:


8.45-9.15 Coffee

9.15 Welcome


Dr Massimo Renzo (Warwick) – Political Self-determination, Humanitarian Intervention and the Requirement of Consent

Dr Susanne Burri  (St Gallen) – The Redirection of Bombs During WWII: A Philosophical Investigation

Chair: Dr Mihaela Mihai (York)

11.00am – 11.30am Coffee


Prof Saba Bazargan (UCSD) – Political Subjugation, Respect and Proportionality

Dr Kieran Oberman (Edinburgh) – War and Poverty

Chair: Dr Jonathan Parry (Stockholm)

1pm – 2pm Lunch


Dr Graham Long (Newcastle) – Tolerating Injustice in War

Dr Mathias Thaler (Edinburgh)- Unhinged Frames: When Hypotheticals About Torture Go Wrong

Chair: Prof Shawn Kaplan (Adelphi)

3.30pm – 4.00pm Coffee

4.00pm -5.30pm

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield) – Democratic Responsibility for War

Dr David Rodin (Oxford)- Authority and Procedural Rights in War

Chair: Dr Cian O’Driscoll (Glasgow)

5.30-6.30 Reception