In 2001 the SPA created a Centenary Fellowship in celebration of 100 years of its existence.  Each year a special grant enables one of the departments to host a visit by a distinguished philosopher for a period of between one and six months.  (The grant may also be used to host shorter visits by several philosophers.)

SPA Centenary Fellows:

2019 (Glasgow): Susanna Siegel (Harvard).

2018 (Dundee): Alexander R. Galloway (NYU) and Maria Sa Cavalcante Schuback (Södertörn).

2017 (Stirling): Albert Casullo (Nebraska).

2016 (Edinburgh): Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh), Voula Tsouna (UC Santa Barbara), Kati Farkas (Central European University), and Jamie Dreier (Brown).

2015 (St Andrews): Stephen Darwall (Yale University).

2014 (Aberdeen): Jenann Ismael (University of Arizona).

2013 (Glasgow): Tyler Burge (University of California, Los Angeles), Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund University).

2012 (Dundee): John Protevi (Louisiana State University), Levi Bryant (Collin College).

2011 (Stirling): Jean-Michel Roy (ENS-LSH, Paris).

2010 (Edinburgh): Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame), Victor Caston (University of Michigan), Robert Stalnaker (MIT).

2009 (St Andrews): Miles Burnyeat (University of Cambridge), Catarina Dutilh Novaes (University of Amsterdam).

2008 (Aberdeen): Kent Bach (San Francisco State University), Peter Ludlow (University of Michigan), Jonathan Shaffer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Jason Stanley (Rutgers University).

2007 (Glasgow): Kit Fine (New York University), Ruth Chang (Rutgers University).

2006 (Dundee): Charles Taliaferro (St Olaf’s College, Minnesota), Valerie Tiberius (University of Minnesota), Paul Patton (University of New South Wales, Sydney), Moira Gatens (University of Sydney).

2005 (Stirling): Keith DeRose (Yale University), John Greco (Fordham University).

2004 (Edinburgh): Carlo Natali (University of Venice),  Cristina Viano (CNRS), Tim Chappell (University of Dundee).

2003 (St Andrews): Sally Haslanger (MIT), Stephen Yablo (MIT).

2002 (Aberdeen): Knud Haakonssen (Boston University).