Visiting speakers, week of 16th September

Next week’s visiting speakers (more information):

  • Adrienne Janus (University of Aberdeen), “Boxes and Bubbles:¬†Serres and Sloterdijk,” at Dundee on Wednesday, 18th September.
  • Nick Jones (University of Oxford), “The Fundamentality of the Familiar,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 18th September, and at Stirling on Thursday, 19th September.
  • Ross Cameron (University of Leeds), “How Can You Know You’re Present?,” at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group on Wednesday, 18th September.
  • Peter Vickers (University of Durham), “Magic and Miracles in Physics,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy of Science seminar on Thursday, 19th September.
  • Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (University of North Carolina) at Edinburgh on Friday, 20th September.