Visiting speakers, 4th – 8th March

Next week’s visiting speakers (more information):

  • Christopher Hookway (University of Sheffield) at Glasgow on Tuesday, 5th March.
  • Pierre Cassou-Nogues (CNRS, Lille), “An Impossible Problem: Reading the Brain of a Disembodied Subject,” at Dundee on Wednesday, 6th March.
  • Anil Seth (Sussex), “Interoceptive predictive coding, conscious presence, and the experience of body ownership,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology & Informatics Group on Wednesday, 6th March.
  • Jacopo Martire (Stirling), “A genealogy of modern law: from sovereignty to normalization,” at Stirling on Thursday, 7th March.
  • Matthew Smith (University of Leeds) at Edinburgh on Friday, 8th March.