Visiting speakers, 19th – 23rd March

This week’s visiting speakers:

  • Olav Gjelsvik (Oslo University) at Aberdeen on Monday, 19th March.
  • Franz Berto (University of Aberdeen) at Glasgow, “The Empire Strikes Back: the Law of Non-Contradiction After Dialetheism,” on Tuesday, 20th March.
  • Dan Watts (University of Essex) at Dundee, “No Scholarly Still Life: Kierkegaard’s Portrayal of Socrates,” on Wednesday, 21st March.
  • Alan Baker (Swarthmore College) at St Andrews, “Matching Mathematics to the World,” on Wednesday, 21st March.
  • Patrick Greenough (St Andrews) at Edinburgh Epistemology Research Group, “Moore’s Paradox and Norm-Relativism,” on Wednesday 21st March.
  • Tom Pink (KCL) at Stirling, “Normativity and Nature,” on Thursday, 22nd March.
  • Herman Cappelan (St Andrews) at Edinburgh PhilSoc on Thursday, 22nd March.
  • Berys Gaut (St Andrews) at Edinburgh, “Creativity and Rationality,” on Friday, 23rd March.