Visiting Speakers, 16th – 20th April

Next week’s visiting speakers:

  • Stephen Butterfill (University of Warwick) at Glasgow’s Mind and Perception Research Seminar, “Intention and Motor Representation,” on Monday, 16th April. 
  • Peter Hanks (University of Minnesota) at Glasgow, on Tuesday, 17th April.
  • Duncan Pritchard (University of Edinburgh) at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group, “Wittgenstein on the Groundlessness of Our Believing,” on Wednesday, 18th April.
  • Michael Brady (University of Glasgow) at Stirling, “Positive Emotions and Evaluative Understanding,” on Thursday, 19th April.

Other events next week:

  • T.M. Knox Memorial Lecture, St Andrews, 18th April: Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary, University of London), “The Utilitarian ‘discovery’ about Liberty: What was it and Who made it?”
  • Workshop: Tim Mulgan’s Ethics for a Broken World, St Andrews, 18th April.
  • PPLS Interdiciplinary Seminar, Edinburgh, 19th April: Edouard Machery (Univeristy of Pittsburgh), “Evidence in Cognitive Neuroscience.”