Visiting speakers, 11th – 15th February

Next week’s visiting speakers (more information):

  • Julien Deonna (Geneva) & Fabrice Teroni (Bern), “Emotions as attitudes,” at Glasgow on Tuesday, 12th February
  • Guy Stock (formerly University of Dundee), “The Precedence of Historical Knowledge and our Consciousness of Time and Self,” at Dundee on Wednesday, 13th February.
  • Mikko Tolonen (Leverhulme Visiting Fellow at St Andrews), “Hume, Pride, and Moral Worth,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 13th February.
  • Karol Polcyn (University of Szczecin/KCL), “The Mystery of Consciousness and Modal Intuitions,” at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group on Wednesday, 13th February.
  • Doug Edwards (University of Aberdeen), “The Norm(s) of Inquiry,” at Edinburgh on Friday, 15th February.

Other events next week:

  • 17th PPLS Interdisciplinary Lecture, Edinburgh, 12th February.  Speakers: Prof Stephen Butterfill (Warwick), Prof Johannes Roessler (Warwick), and Dr Suilin Lavelle (Edinburgh), “Implicit and Explicit Mind Reading.”