Stephen Menn in Scotland

Stephen Menn (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) will be visiting Scotland later this month, and speaking at:

  • St Andrews, on Thursday, 21st February, 4:15pm, 104 Edgecliffe.  Title: “The Problem of the Poetics; why does Aristotle have no theory of Lyric poetry?”
  • Edinburgh, on Friday, 22nd February, 1pm, Dugald Stewart G.06.  Title: “Aristotle on the Many Senses of Unity” — please read in advance Metaphysics Delta 6 and Iota 1.
  • Edinburgh, on Friday, 22nd February, 5:00pm, McEwan Hall.  This will be the 18th A.E. Taylor Lecture in Ancient Philosophy.  Title: “Wisdom as the Science of the Four Causes?”

Prof Menn has written about Plato, Aristotle, Pre­Socratics, Stoicism, Plotinus, Augustine, Suarez, and Descartes.