Philosophy events, week of 5th May

Research seminars next week (more information):

  • Andrew Reisner (McGill University) at Glasgow’s Senior Seminar on Tuesday, 6th May.

Other events next week (more information):

  • The Meaning of Matter and the Trouble with Time, St Andrews, 6th May.  Speakers: Chris Hooley (Physicist, St Andrews), Brian Pitts (Physicist & Philosopher, Cambridge), Andrew Pinsent (Physicist & Theologian, Oxford), Michela Massimi (Philosopher, Edinburgh), Wahid Bhimji (Physicist, Edinburgh), Patrick Greenough (Philosopher, St Andrews), Raymond Tallis (Doctor and writer).
  • Scottish Common Sense Philosophy, Edinburgh, 7th – 9th May.  Speakers: Knud Haakonssen (University of Sussex), Paul Wood (University of Victoria), Angélique Thébert, (Lycée Livet, Nantes) Claire Echegaray (Paris).
  • Acinemas: Aesthetics and Film in the Philosophy of Jean-François Lyotard, Dundee, 7th – 8th May.  Speakers: Jean-Michel Durafour (Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3 and the École Normale Supérieure), Peter W. Milne (Seoul National University), Keith Crome (Manchester Metropolitan University), Julie Gaillard (Emory University), James Williams (University of Dundee), Graham Jones (Monash University), Mathew Pateman (Kingston University), Kiff Bamford (Leeds Metropolitan University), Vlad Ionescu (University of Leuven), Ashley Woodward (University of Dundee).
  • Paton Colloquium in Kantian Ethics, St Andrews, 7th May.  Speakers: Andrea Esser (Marburg), Allen Wood (Indiana).
  • Normativity and Modality, Edinburgh, 9th – 11th May.  Speakers: Helen Beebee (Manchester), Simon Blackburn (UNC), Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), Janice Dowell (Syracuse), Michael Forster (Bonn/Chicago), Jimmy Lenman (Sheffield), Huw Price (Cambridge), William Starr (Cornell), Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins).
  • Frege’s Conception of Sense, Stirling, 10th – 11th May.  Speakers: Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame), Mike Beaney (York), Bob Hale (Sheffield), Peter Milne (Stirling), Walter Pedriali (Stirling), Michael Potter (Cambridge).