Philosophy events, week of 23rd February

Research seminars next week (more information):

  • Magdalena Balcerak Jackson (University of Konstanz), “Mineness and self-involvement in imagination,” at Glasgow’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience Research Seminar on Monday, 23rd February.
  • Craig French (University of Cambridge) at Glasgow’s Senior Seminar on Tuesday, 24th February.
  • Emanuela Ceva (Pavia/CEPPA), “Rescuing Democracy from Reductionism,” at St Andrews’ Philosophy Club on Wednesday, 25th February.
  • Mike Wheeler (University of Stirling), “Phenomenal Consciousness, Sensory Substitution and the Extended Mind,” at Aberdeen’s Philosophy Colloquium on Wednesday, 25th February.
  • Keith Wilson (University of Glasgow), “The Two Senses of Smell,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Reading Group on Wednesday, 25th February.
  • Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter), “When Data Travel: re-thinking the epistemology of data,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates on Thursday, 26th February.

Other events next week (more information):

  • Elodie Laugt (University of St Andrews) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society on Monday, 23rd February.
  • Fiona Macpherson (University of Glasgow) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society on Thursday, 26th February.