Philosophy events, week of 22nd June

Events next week:

  • The Philosophical Significance of Conceptual History, St Andrews, 22nd – 23rd June.  Speakers: Sally Haslanger (MIT), David Braddon-Mitchell (Sydney), Herman Cappelen (St Andrews and Oslo), Bob Pasnau (Colorado), Katia Vavova (Mt. Holyoke), Alejandro Pérez Carballo (U-Mass Amherst), Brian Epstein (Tufts), Josh Schechter (Brown).
  • Social Epistemology, Edinburgh, 24th June.  Speakers: Stephen Wright (University of Oxford), Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern University).
  • Kant, the Laws of the Life Sciences, and the Lawfulness of Nature, Edinburgh, 25th – 26th June.  Speakers: Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame), Angela Breitenbach (University of Cambridge), Michael Friedman (Stanford University), Hannah Ginsborg (Berkeley), Paul Guyer (University of Pennsylvania), Peter McLaughlin (University of Heidelberg), Lisa Shabel (Ohio State University), Eric Watkins (San Diego), Catherine Wilson (York / CUNY), Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern University).
  • Daniel Silvermint (University of Connecticut), “Passing as Privileged,” at St Andrews on Friday, 26th June.