Philosophy events, week of 21st October

Research seminars (more information):

  • Nick Treanor (University of Edinburgh), “Quantities of Knowledge,” at Glasgow on Tuesday, 22nd October.
  • Robert Williams (University of Leeds), “Rationally Illogical,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 23rd October.
  • Sanneke De Haan (University of Amsterdam), “An Enactive Approach to Psychiatry: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Deep Brain Stimulation as a Test Case,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Group on Wednesday, 23rd October.
  • Robert Williams (University of Leeds) at Edinburgh on Friday, 25th October.

Other events (more information)

  • Sarah Broadie (University of St Andrews) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society on Tuesday, 22nd October.
  • Gunnar Bjornsson (University of Stockholm) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society on Thursday, 24th October.
  • Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame University) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society on Friday, 25th October.
  • Normative Language Workshop, St Andrews, 26th – 27th October.  Speakers: Gilbert Harman, Jennifer Carr, Matthew Chrisman and Graham Hubbs, Janice Dowell, Dorit Bar-On, Mike Ridge, Frank Jackson, Stephen Finlay.