Philosophy events, week of 16th March

Research seminars next week (more information):

  • Bob Kentridge (Durham University), “Colour perception without awareness,” at Glasgow’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience Research Seminar on Monday, 16th March.
  • Roger Crisp (University of Oxford) at Glasgow’s Senior Seminar on Tuesday, 17th March.
  • Davide Romano (University of Lausanne) at Aberdeen’s Philosophy of Physics Seminar on Tuesday, 17th March.
  • Todd Mei (University of Dundee), “Land and the Given Economy – A New Understanding of Land and Our Relation to It,” at Aberdeen’s Philosophy Colloquium on Wednesday, 18th March.
  • Ambrose Lee (University of Oxford), “Defending a Communicative Theory of Punishment,” at Stirling’s Visiting Speaker Seminar on Thursday, 19th March.

Other events next week (more information):

  • Daniel C. Dennett (Tufts University) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society on Thursday, 19th March.