HowTheLightGetsIn Philosophy Festival

HowTheLightGetsIn Philosophy Festival

22nd May – 1st June 2014 in Hay-on-Wye

HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest philosophy festival, is back with thought-provoking debates, talks and courses to bring big thinking back into public life. Our theme this year is Heresy, Truth and the Future and we’ve just announced our full programme featuring over 500 events across ten days. We’ll be joined by the world’s leading philosophers including Hubert Dreyfus, Nancy Cartwright  and Thomas Pogge together with figures from the worlds of science, politics and culture to debate everything from the science of consciousness to nature of matter and discover which of today’s heresies will become the truths of tomorrow.

In the evenings  we have a great line-up of music and comedy from the likes of Mr. Scruff, Holly Burn, Molotov Dukebox, Alphie Brown, Sara Pascoe and Alexis Taylor.

Speakers this year include: Roger Penrose, Nancy Cartwright, Thomas Pogge, Ian McGilchrist, Mary Midgley, Laurie Taylor, Jennifer Hornsby, Mattew Parris, Ted Honderich, George Ellis, Barry C. Smith, Michael Howard, Hubert Dreyfus, Diane Abbott and many, many more.

Our full programme can be found online at