Corporate Agency and Shared Responsibility

St Andrews Conference on Corporate Agency and Shared Responsibility

Mon 2nd November 2015 to Tue 3rd November 2015

Lower College Hall, University of St. Andrews

Day 1: Monday, 2nd November

9.00-9.30         Welcome and Introduction

9.30-11.00       First panel

Dr. Thomas Smith: Good and Bad Reasons for Attributing Agency to Groups

Dr. Avia Pasternak: Corporate Agency and Corporate Rights

11.00-11.15     Coffee Break

11.15-12.45     Second panel

Prof. Alejo Sison: Participation in the Corporate Common Good: Insights from Aquinas

Dr. Rowan Cruft: Individual Victimhood for the Common Good?


12.45-13.30     Lunch

13.30-15.00     Third panel

Dr. Elizabeth Ashford: Hunger’s Unwitting Executioners: The Nature of Shared Responsibility for the Persistence of Severe Poverty

Prof. Tim Mulgan: How Should Rule Utilitarians Think About the Future

15.00-15.15     Coffee Break

15.15-16.00     Dr. Annabel Brett:State Agency / Individual Agency in the Context of War


16.00-17.00     Break

17.00-19.00     Public Lecture in Parliament Hall, St Andrews

17.00-18.30     Professor Philip Pettit: Giving Corporations their Due – But No More than Their Due

                        –   Introduction by Professor Louise Richardson (Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University)

18.30-19.00     Wine Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, 3rd November

9.00-9.30         Tea and coffee

9.30-11.00       Fourth panel

Dr. Marko Simendic:Persona civitatis and Thomas Hobbes’ definition of a commonwealth

Dr. Samuel Mansell: Hobbes on Corporate Agency

11.00-11.15     Coffee Break

11.15-12.45     Fifth panel

Dr. Jeroen Veldman:Ontological and epistemological backgrounds of the corporation

Dr. David Gindis: Legal Personhood and the Firm: Avoiding Anthropomorphism and Equivocation

12.45-13.30     Lunch

13.30-15.00     Sixth panel

Dr. Garrath Williams: Corporate Authority and Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Stephen Dunne: Corporate Agency, Cybernetic Organisation Theory and Hayek


15.00-15.30     Coffee Break

15.30-17.00     Seventh panel

Prof. Paddy Ireland: Corporate Schizophrenia: The Corporation as a Separate Legal Person and an Object of Property

Dr. David Ciepley: Will and Responsibility in Member Corporations, Property Corporations, and Firms

Participant details

  • Dr Elizabeth Ashford, Senior Lecturer in Moral Philosophy, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Annabel Brett, Reader in the History of Political Thought, University of Cambridge
  • Dr David Ciepley, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Denver
  • Dr Rowan Cruft, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Stirling
  • Dr Stephen Dunne, Lecturer in Social Theory and Consumption, University of Leicester
  • Dr David Gindis, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Hertfordshire
  • Prof Paddy Ireland, Professor of Law, University of Bristol
  • Dr Samuel Mansell, Lecturer in Business Ethics, University of St Andrews
  • Prof Tim Mulgan, Professor of Moral & Political Philosophy, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Avia Pasternak, Lecturer in Global Ethics, University College London
  • Prof Philip Pettit, Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values, Princeton University, and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Australian National University
  • Dr Marko Simendic, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • Prof Alejo Sison, Professor of Philosophy, Universidad de Navarra
  • Dr Thomas Smith, Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Manchester
  • Dr Jeroen Veldman, Senior Research Fellow, Cass Business School, City University London
  • Dr Garrath Williams, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Lancaster University


Registration is free and open to all, but places are limited, so please contact us if you’d

like to register:

Elizabeth Ashford,

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We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Scots Philosophical Association, and from the University of St Andrews School of Management