Visiting Speakers, 29th October – 2nd November

Next week’s visiting speakers:

  • Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh), “Is the extended mind hypothesis nonsensical?, at Glasgow on Tuesday, 30th October.
  • John Protevi (Louisiana State University), “Human Nature,” at Dundee on Wednesday, 31st October.
  • Fiona Macpherson (Glasgow), “The Space of Sensory Modalities,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 31st October.
  • Ben Jarvis (Queen’s University, Belfast), “The Objective Nature of Propositional Justification,” at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group on Wednesday, 31st October.
  • Stephen Penn (Stirling), “Terminism and Truth: John Wyclif on Late Medieval Logic,” at Stirling on Thursday, 1st November.
  • Timothy Rosenkoetter¬†(Dartmouth College), “Kant on the Semantics of Moral Terms,” at Edinburgh on Friday, 2nd November.

Other events next week: