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Stirling Early Analytic Group Meeting; March 12

The spring 2016 meeting of the Stirling Early Analytic Group will take place on Saturday March 12th from 10.30am to 6.30pm in Pathfoot C2, University of Stirling.  There is no registration fee, but please let Colin Johnston (colin.j… know if you plan to attend.  The following papers will be presented:

10.45  Colin Johnston (Stirling) Wittgenstein on representability and possibility

13.15 Fiona Doherty (Cambridge) Frege, Hilbert and Neo-Logicism

15.00 Alex Yates (Stirling and St Andrew’s) The role of inference and heuristic indicators in Frege’s epistemology of logic

4.45 Mark Textor (KCL) Brentano on Existence