Philosophy events, week of 9th November.

Events next week (more information)

  • Tim Mulgan (University of St Andrews) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society on Monday, 9th November.
  • Martin Smith (University of Glasgow) at Glasgow’s Senior Seminar on Tuesday, 10th November.
  • Katharine Jenkins (University of Sheffield), “The Institutional Reality of Gender,” at St Andrews’ Philosophy Club on Wednesday, 11th November.
  • Jennifer Corns (University of Glasgow), “Hedonic Independence and the Negativity Bias,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Reading Group on Wednesday, 11th November.
  • Michael Loughlin (Manchester Metropolitan University) at Glasgow’s Philosophy Society on Wednesday, 11th November.
  • (TBC) Rico Vitz (Azusa Pacific) at Stirling’s Visiting Speaker Seminar on Thursday, 12th November.
  • Melissa Ebbers (Memphis), “Rethinking A Priori Scrutability” at St Andrews’ Arché Research Centre on Thursday, 12th November.  [Contact for more information]
  • Emma Tobin (University College London) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates on Thursday, 12th November.
  • Michela Massimi (University of Edinburgh) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society on Thursday, 12th November.
  • Susan Brison (Dartmouth College) at Edinburgh’s Visiting Speaker Seminar on Friday, 13th November.