2015 Centenary Fellow Stephen Darwall

Stephen Darwall will be visiting St Andrews at the end of May as the Scots Philosophical Association’s 2015 Centenary Fellow. While he’s there, St Andrews will be hosting a few special events.  The biggest is the St Andrews Normative Reasons Workshop on 1-2 June; more information here: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/arche/events/event?id=876. It will feature talks by Darwall, Ellie Mason, Campbell Brown, Matthew McGrath, Kate Manne, and Mark van Roojen.

Darwall will also give two seminars. They are planned for:

  • Tuesday, 26 May at 1pm.
  • Wednesday, 27 May at 3pm.

The titles are ‘Trust as a Second-Personal Phenomenon’ and ‘Commanding Reasons and the Commands of Reason: Kant on Moral Obligation’ (but it’s not settled which will be on which day). Final details will be available closer to the date.

For more information, contact Justin Snedegar (jlsnedegar@gmail.com).