The Philosophy of Tyler Burge

15th – 16th June 2013



  • Erin Taylor (Cornell) and Andrew McGonigal (Leeds), ‘Natural Norms and Conventional Norms’
  • Walter Pedriali (Stirling), ‘On Frege’s Alleged Commitment to Individual Representationalism’
  • Peter Sullivan (Stirling), Discussion: Burge and Frege on Foundational Knowledge
  • Sean Crawford (Manchester), ‘Semantical Considerations on Demonstrative De Re Belief’
  • Ted Parent (Virginia tech), ‘Infallibilism about Self-Knoweldge II: Autological Judgment’
  • Ned Block (NYU), ‘Seeing-As: How can we find out whether seeing is representational, and if so, what representations are involved?’
  • Gabriel Rabin (UCLA), ‘Toward a Theory of Conceptual Mastery’
  • Joey Pollock (Edinburgh), ‘Social Externalism and the Problem of Communication’
  • John Haldane (St. Andrews), Discussion: ‘Causation, Representation, and Materialism’
  • Sarah Patterson (Birkbeck) – paper tbc
  • Tyler Burge (UCLA), ‘Perception: Where Mind Begins’

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