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The Metaphysics of Totality, 30-31 March, Glasgow

The Metaphysics of Totality

University of Glasgow, 30-31 March 2017
Thursday 30th

[9-9.30: coffee]
9.30-11: Aaron Cotnoir & Bruno Jacinto (St Andrews) – A Formal Semantics for the Theory of Embodiments

11.15-12.45: Stephan Leuenberger (Glasgow) – Totality Operators and Metaphysical Defaults

2.15-3.45: Anna-Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg) – Regress and Metaphysical Explanation

4-5.30: Louis deRosset (Vermont) – The Metaphysical Transparency of Truth
[7: dinner]
Friday 31st

[9-9.30: coffee]
9.30-11: Philipp Blum (Lucerne) – Every Thing is Positive

11.15-12.45: Naomi Thompson (Southampton) – Fictionalism about Grounding

2.15-3.45: Bruno Whittle (Glasgow) – Mathematical Anti-Realism and Explanatory Structure

4-5.30: Alexander Skiles (NYU) – Existence and Second-Order Quantification
[7: dinner]
All talks will be in the Reid Room, of 69 Oakfield Avenue.
Abstracts are available at:
Everyone is welcome to attend (without charge). But if you plan to come, please let us know by writing to:
This workshop is part of the AHRC funded project The Whole Truth. For more information about the project, please see: