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SSEMP VIII (University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2017)



University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2017

Project Room, room 1.06, William Robertson Building

University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square

Edinburgh, EH8 9LH


Key note speakers:

Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen)

Peter Millican (Oxford University)



Monday 10 April

8.45                 Welcome

Session 1: Hobbes and Spinoza

9.00-9.45        Francesca Rebasti (ENS de Lyon), “Reshaping Liberty of Conscience: Hobbes’s Heterodox Exegesis of the Gloss on Romans 14:23”

9.45-10.30      José Maria Sanchez de Leon (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), “Spinoza on Common Notions and the Order of Philosophizing”

10.30-10.45    Break

Session 2: Addison

10.45-11.30    Endre Szécsényi (Aberdeen), “The Birth of Modern Aesthetics from Spiritual Exercises”

11.30-12.15    Monica Uribe (Guanajuato), “Taste and Imagination in Addison’s Aesthetic Thought”

12.15-13.45    Lunch

Key Note Speaker

13.45-14.45    Beth Lord (Aberdeen), “Spinoza on Pride and Despondency”

14.45-15.00    Break

Session 1: Leibniz

15.00-15.45    Norma B. Goethe (Cordoba), “Leibniz on the Value of Learning from Exploratory Research”

15.45-16.30    Carlos Portales (Edinburgh), “Leibniz’s Modal Metaphysics as Ground for Nature’s Objective Aesthetic Value”

16.30-16.45    Break

SSEMP Essay Prize Winner

16.45-17.45    Kathrine Cuccuru (UCL), “Style over Substance? Literary Criticism and the Origins of the British Philosophical Sublime”

Tuesday 11 April

Session 4: Trotter, Masham, Locke

9.00-9.45        Simone Webb (UCL), “Self-Revelation and Sociability: Reading Damaris Masham’s Letters to John Locke as Philosophical Autobiography”

9.45-10.30      Emilio Maria de Tommaso (Calabria), “The True Grounds of Morality in Catharine Trotter’s Defence of Mr. Locke’s Essay

10.30-10.45    Break

Session 5: Descartes

10.45-11.30    Andrea Christofidou (Keble College, Oxford), “Descartes on the Mind-Body Relation: A Solution?”

11.30-12.15    Christian Barth (Humboldt University, Berlin), “Cognitio interna and Conscientia in Descartes’ Conception of the Mind”

12.15-13.45    Lunch

Key Note Speaker

13.45-14.45    Peter Millican (Oxford), “Logic, Scepticism, and Egoism: Why Hume Disowned the Treatise of Human Nature

14.45-15.00    Break

Session 6: Locke, Shaftesbury, Huygens

15.00-15.45    Tim Stuart-Buttle (Cambridge), “Locke on the ‘Two Provinces of Knowledg’”

15.45-16.30    Christian Maurer (Lausanne), “Shaftesbury’s Manuscript Pathologia. Stoicism, the Passions and Virtue”

16.30-16.45    Break

16.45-17.30    Miguel Palomo (Sevilla), “Christiaan Huygens, the Observer of the Cosmos”

Organisation: Pauline Phemister (Edinburgh), Mogens Lærke (IHRIM, CNRS, ENS de Lyon)

Funding: Scottish Philosophical Association (SPA) / British Society for the History of Philosophy (BSHP)/ Edinburgh University /IHRIM (CNRS, UMR 5317), ENS de Lyon.