Spinoza, the Infinite, and the Eternal

11th – 12th May 2012

University of Dundee

Keynote speakers:

  • Clare Carlisle (Kings College London), “Eternal Life: The Radical Theology of Ethics V”
  • Alan Nelson (University of North Carolina), “Grades of Infinity”


  • John Grey (Boston), “Spinoza’s Analogy of Parthood in Ethics V”
  • Julie R. Klein (Villanova), “Spinoza’s Gersonidean Eternity of the Mind”
  • Mike LeBuffe (Texas A&M), “The Dictates of Reason and Ethics 5P7”
  • Lisete Rodrigues (Lisbon), “Eternity as a political concept”
  • Noa Shein (Ben Gurion University of the Negev), “Necessarily Always a Bit Confused”
  • Daniel Schneider (Wisconsin), “Why Explaining Duration in the Ethics takes an Eternity”
  • Justin Steinberg (CUNY), “From Here to Eternity: Spinoza on Temporary Encounters with Eternality”
  • Emily Thomas (Cambridge), “Eternity in Spinoza and Samuel Alexander”
  • Valtteri Viljanen (Turku), “Spinoza on Virtue and Eternity”
  • Daniel Whistler (Liverpool), “How Speak of Eternity? The Rhetoric of Ethics Part V”

Inquires to Beth Lord

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