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SPA AGM and Conference: 7 & 8 December, Edinburgh, with Papineau, Massimi, and Pettigrove

Dear All,
I’m happy to announce more details on the upcoming SPA AGM in Edinburgh on Thursday/Friday 7 and 8 December.  David Papineau (KCL) is our keynote, and Michela Massimi (Edinburgh) and Glen Pettigrove (Glasgow) are also speaking.  Titles to be given in an update.
There is no registration fee, but please email me at to register for the conference.  Please indicate whether you would like to attend the dinner (likely cost: £15 – £20).
Thursday 7 December (3.10/3.11 Dugald Stewart Building)
1:30 PM: Coffee, biscuits, meet and greet
2:00 PM: AGM Business Meeting (SPA members only)
3:30 PM: Michela Massimi (Edinburgh)
5:00 PM: Drinks reception (wine, etc.) (7th floor of Dugald Stewart Building)
6:45 PM: Dinner
Friday 8 December (all events in 3.10/3.11 Dugald Stewart Building)
10:30 AM: Coffee, pastries
11:00 AM: Keynote Address: David Papineau (KCL)
12:30 PM: Lunch
1:30 PM: Glen Pettigrove (Glasgow)
3:00 PM: Finish
The Dugald Stewart Building is located on Bristo Square in Edinburgh.  More information about the building (including accessibility information) can be found here.
I can recommend accommodation options to anyone seeking advice; however, there are a host of options in Edinburgh nearby.