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SPA AGM and Conference: 7 & 8 December, Edinburgh, with Papineau, Massimi, and Pettigrove

SPA AGM and Conference Schedule; Edinburgh 7&8 December:
Thursday 7 December (3.10/3.11 Dugald Stewart Building)
1:30 PM: Coffee, biscuits, meet and greet
2:00 PM: AGM Business Meeting (SPA members only)
3:30 PM: Michela Massimi (Edinburgh), “Modelling Possibilities” 
5:00 PM: Drinks reception (wine, etc.) (7th floor of Dugald Stewart Building)
6:45 PM: Dinner (email Secretary to register)
Friday 8 December (all events in 3.10/3.11 Dugald Stewart Building)
10:30 AM: Coffee, pastries
11:00 AM: Keynote Address: David Papineau (KCL), “Kinds and Essences”
12:30 PM: Lunch
1:30 PM: Glen Pettigrove (Glasgow), “Character and Role” 
3:00 PM: Finish
The Dugald Stewart Building is located on Bristo Square in Edinburgh.  More information about the building (including accessibility information) can be found here.
I can recommend accommodation options to anyone seeking advice; however, there are a host of options in Edinburgh nearby.