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Self-Control Through Accountability to Others; St Andrews; Monday 8 May

You are warmly invited to attend a workshop in St Andrews on
Self-Control Through Accountability to Others
Monday 8th May

  • 09.00 Tea/coffee
  • 09.30 Natalie Gold (KCL) Promises and Intentions as Mechanisms of Self-Control
  • 10.45 Tea/Coffee
  • 11.10 Bryony Pierce (Bristol) If Self-Control Cannot Rely on Willpower, can Accountability to Others provide an effective substitute?
  • 12:00 Andrew Sims (UC Louvain) Team Reasoning in Self-Control and the Self-Reactive Attitudes
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 14.00 Garrath Williams (Lancaster) Practices of Responsibility: Moral Capacities and ‘Holding Responsible’
  • 14.50 Leo Townsend (Oslo) Testimony and Doxastic Self-Control 
  • 15.35 Tea/Coffee
  • 16.00 Karen Stohr (Georgetown) Cultivating Self-Control through Etiquette 

Tuesday 9th May

  • 09.30 David Owens (KCL) Promises and Self-Control
  • 10.45 Tea/Coffee
  • 11.10 Lilian O’Brien (UC Cork) Sharing the Power of One’s Intentions With Others
  • 12.00 Samuel Murray (Notre Dame) Competence and Self-Control 
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 14.00 Paulius Rimkevi?ius (Vilnius) Self-Accountability and Self-Knowledge
  • 14.50 Till Vierkant (Edinburgh) Willpower and Social Tying to the Mast
There is no formal registration or fee, but please email Katherine Hawley if you are planning to attend.
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