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Paul Boghossian at the Royal Society of Edinburgh; 23 May

?The Knowledge Beyond Natural Science project at the University of Stirling would like to announce the third of the project’s series of Public Lectures.  The lecture will be given on Wednesday 23 May 2018 by Professor Paul Boghossian of New York University. He will address the question: ‘Should we be Relativists about Morality?’

Many people, philosophers and non-philosophers alike, regard themselves as relativists about morality. They are suspicious of there being any objective truths about how we should conduct our lives. In this talk, Professor Boghossian will argue that relativism about morality is not an option: we face a stark voice between eliminating moral discourse altogether or accepting a certain measure of objectivity about the moral domain. He will conclude by arguing in favour of the latter option.
The lecture will be held in the Wellcome West Room of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s building at 28 George Street, Edinburgh. Attendance is free and open to all.