Modal Logic in the Middle Ages

22nd – 23rd November 2012

St Andrews


  • Wilfrid Hodges (formerly, Queen Mary London), “Permanent and necessary in Ibn Sina”
  • Saloua Chatti (Tunis), “Existential import in Avicenna’s modal logic”
  • Tony Street (Cambridge), “On Translating Katibi’s Epistle for Shams al-Din on the Rules of Logic”
  • Paul Thom (Sydney), “The early reception of Robert Kilwardby’s modal syllogistic”
  • Sara Uckelman (Tilburg), “Epistemic and Higher-Order Modalities in Obligationes
  • Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen), “Ockham and Buridan on the semantics of divided modal propositions”
  • Spencer Johnston (St Andrews), “John Buridan’s Divided Modal Syllogistic”
  • Stephen Read (St Andrews), “Contingency syllogisms in Buridan’s Treatise on Consequences
  • Riccardo Strobino (Bochum and Cambridge), “Having one without the other: inseparability and logical consequence”

Inquires to Lynn Hynd

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