Kant in Progress

2nd August 2013

St Andrews, Hebdomadar’s Room

  • Kate Moran (Brandeis): “Lies, Pranks and Surprises”
  • Anita Leirfall (Bergen): “Kant on Directions, Inner Feeling of Difference and Real Oppositions”
  • Nele Schneidereit (Dresden): “Scepticism and Intuitionism in Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason”
  • Alice Pinheiro Walla (Dublin): “Common Ownership of the Earth and Provisional Right”
  • Joe Saunders (Sheffield): “From Reason to Freedom to the Moral Law”
  • Ruth Boeker (SUNY–Albany): “Locke and Hume on Persons and Personal Identity”

Inquires to ms752@st-andrews.ac.uk