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Diaphora Workshop III: A priori Knowledge (Stirling, 6 – 8 September)

Diaphora Workshop III: A priori Knowledge

Stirling 6-8 September

Venue: Stirling Court Hotel, on campus



Keynote speakers:              Tim Williamson (Oxford) and Crispin Wright (NUY/Stirling)

Confirmed Speakers:         Ali Abasnezhad (Munich), Moritz Baron (Stirling), Michel Croce (Edinburgh), Jonathan Dittrich (Munich), Matt Jope (Edinburgh), Ásgeir Matthiasson (Stirling), Bryan Pickel (Edinburgh), Peter Sullivan (Stirling), Matheus Valente (Barcelona), Lisa Vogt (Barcelona).


The workshop will take place during the full days 6 and 7 September, with the training session for ESR’s scheduled for Friday 8 in the morning.

The workshop will finish on the 7 with a panel session with Tim Williamson, Crispin Wright and Adrian Haddock (Stirling) on how different conceptions of the aim of philosophy and epistemological theorizing explain lack of convergence. This session is aimed to focus on the unifying aim of Diaphora.

The panel session will be followed by the Workshop Dinner.


Please confirm attendance at your earliest convenience by email to Sonia-Roca Royes.


A full programme will be published here shortly.