Workshop: Necessary Connections, 2-3 May

University of Glasgow

Friday 2nd May, 9.30am – 17.15pm, and Saturday 3rd May, 10am – 5.15pm.

The Reid Room, Philosophy, 69 Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow



  • Philipp Blum (Barcelona)
  • Campbell Brown (Glasgow)
  • Fabrice Correia (Neuchâtel)
  • Ghislain Guigon (Geneva)
  • Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews)
  • Fraser MacBride (Glasgow)
  • Stephanie Rennick (Glasgow)
  • Benjamin Schnieder (Hamburg)

All welcome.

For further information, please contact the organisers, Stephan Leuenberger ( and Fraser MacBride (

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Scots Philosophical Association, the Aristotelian Society, the Mind Association, and the School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.