Visiting speakers, 8th – 12th April

Next week’s visiting speakers (more information):

  • Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen (CEPPA fellow), “Personal and Impersonal Values,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 10th April.
  • Craig French (Antwerp), “The Formulation of Epistemological Disjunctivism,” at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group on Wednesday, 10th April.
  • Penelope Mackie (Nottingham) at Stirling on Thursday, 11th April, and at Edinburgh on Friday, 12th April.

Other events next week:

  • The Thin Red Line, Glasgow, 13th April.  Speakers: Tomasz Placek (Jagiellonian University), Michael De (Utrecht University), Alex Malpass (University of Glasgow), Jacek Wawer (Jagiellonian University).
  • Ethics and Natural Law: Foundations and Applications, St Andrews, 13th April.  Speakers: Anthony Lang (St Andrews), Roger Scruton (St Andrews), Timothy Chappell (Open University), John Milbank (Nottingham University), Caron Gentry (St Andrews), John Haldane (St Andrews), Tom Angier (St Andrews), Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews).
  • 8th Annual UK Integrated HPS Workshop, Aberdeen, 11th – 12th April.