Philosophy events, week of 26th May

Research seminars next week (more information):

  • Tim Kenyon (University of Waterloo), “Content dissolution: How testimony changes in the telling,” at Edinburgh’s Epistemology Research Group on Wednesday, 28th May.

Other events next week (more information):

  • Terence Irwin symposium (information:, Aberdeen, 28th May.  Speaker: Terence Irwin (University of Oxford), “John Rawls as a Moral Philosopher: His Place in the Development of Ethics” and “Love your Neighbour AS Yourself?”.
  • 3rd Glasgow Philosophy of Religion Seminar, Glasgow, 29th – 30th May.  Speakers: Sarah Adams (University of Leeds), Max Baker-Hytch (University of Oxford), Ryan Byerly (Regent University), Trent Dougherty (Baylor), David Efird and Daniel Gustafsson (University of York), Sebastian Gäb (Universität Trier), Shawn Graves (University of Findlay), Jason Goltz (Westminster College), Amber Griffioen (Universität Konstanz), Timo Koistinen (University of Helsinki), Tyler McNabb (University of Glasgow), Emmanuel Nartey (City University of New York), Paul O’Grady (Trinity College, Dublin), Martin Pickup (New College, Oxford), Walter Schultz and Lisanne Winslow (University of Northwestern), Hami Verbin (University of Tel Aviv).