Philosophy events, week of 20th July

Events next week (more information):

  • Explanations of Cognition, Stirling, 20th – 22nd July.  Speakers: Fred Adams (Delaware), Ken Aizawa (Rutgers Newark), Zoe Drayson (Stirling), Carrie Figdor (Iowa), Carl Gillett (Northern Illinois), Lena Kastner (Humboldt Berlin), Beate Krickel (Bochum), Tom Polger (Cincinnati), Rob Rupert (Colorado), Christian Sachse (Lausanne), Larry Shapiro (Wisconsin), Jacqueline Sullivan (Western Ontario), Kari Theurer (Trinity College Connecticut).
  • Themes from Smith and Rousseau (Adam Smith Society/Rousseau Association), Glasgow, 20th – 22nd July.  Speakers: Charles Griswold (Boston University), Alexander Broadie (Glasgow University).
  • Death and Immortality in Greek and Early Christian Thought, St Andrews, 24th July.  Speakers: George Boys-Stones (Durham University), Emma Gee (University of St Andrews), Phillip Horky (Durham University), Elizabeth Pender (University of Leeds), Catherine Rowett (University of East Anglia), Simon Trépanier (University of Edinburgh), N.T. Wright (University of St Andrews), James Warren (Cambridge).