A Thousand Plateaus and Philosophy

The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy presents a workshop on ‘A Thousand Plateaus and Philosophy’.

Taking place at the University of Dundee on 12th September 2014, the workshop aims to provide a forum for the reconsideration of Deleuze and Guattari’s work, and to develop connections between established scholars and students working in this area. It involves a series of workshops on Deleuze and Guattari’s most important work, A Thousand Plateaus. The workshop is open to all, but interested parties are asked to register with Professor James Williams in advance (see below).

There will be three workshops focusing on A Thousand Plateaus each at a centre of Deleuze scholarship. A Thousand Plateaus is composed of fifteen plateaus, and each workshop will deal with a selection of these. The workshops will allow speakers to engage with the different perspectives of other speakers through a collaborative close reading of the texts. An edited collection based on these workshops will be published by Edinburgh University Press.

See the full workshop programme here

For enquiries and to register please contact Professor James Williams (j.r.williams@dundee.ac.uk).

This workshop is funded by the Scots Philosophical Association and the Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI).