Visiting speakers, week of 23rd September

Next week’s visiting speakers (more information):

  • Jane Heal (University of Cambridge), at Glasgow on Tuesday, 24th September.
  • Aidan McGlynn (University of Edinburgh), “Factoring Knowledge,” at St Andrews on Wednesday, 25th September.
  • Alasdair Isaac (University of Edinburgh), “Psychophysics and Skepticism: Müller’s “Doctrine of Specific Nerve Energies,” at Edinburgh’s Philosophy, Psychology, & Informatics Group on Wednesday, 24th September.
  • Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield), “Truth, Ideology and Politics,” at Stirling on Thursday, 26th September.

Other events:

  • Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern University) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society, 25th September.
  • Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford) at St Andrews’ Philosophy Society, 26th September.
  • Thom Brookes (Durham University) at Edinburgh’s Philosophy Society, 26th September.